Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

Quorum Telephone Conference Server

Phone Conferencing Software for Business
Quorum is software which runs as a phone conference server on any Windows PC. Callers dial into the server to join telephone conferences.

Callers can connect to a conference call using either standard or VoIP lines on external telephone numbers or through an office phone system. The number of people who can join a conference call is limited only by your bandwidth.

When the caller selects the option to create a new conference Quorum will assign and read back the unique and secure conference number. The conference creator then gives this number to each conference participant. Whenever any person dials the server and enters this conference number, they will join in the current conversation with the other members of the conference.


* Easy to use web interface to create and manage call conferences
* Users have access to a virtual conference room display via a web browser
* Ability to upload documents for attendees to view.
* Runs on almost any Windows PC.
* Handles unlimited simultaneous conferences. The number of calls and conferences is limited only by your bandwidth.
* Can connect via VoIP using the international standard SIP protocol. If VoIP is used no special hardware is needed.
* Can connect to ordinary phone lines (or analog PBX extensions) directly using telephony devices.
* Can connect to one Skype Number (so a Skype user can connect) using the Uplink Skype to SIP Adapter.
* Easily allocate new conference IDs on the phone.
* Join any pre-defined conferences by using the allocated conference number.
* Voice prompts are easily changed via the user interface.
* VoIP calls can be made using free VoIP SIP Service Providers saving call costs if they are an issue.
* Installs and ready to run conferences in just minutes.
* Very simple user interface for day-to-day easy business use.

System Requirements

* Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008
* For earlier Windows versions (98, ME) please click here

To connect to phone line(s) you need one of the following:

* A telephone number with a SIP based VoIP service provider.
* A VoIP based office telephone system (try the Axon PC PABX).
* To connect to ordinary lines a professional telephony board.

Kamis, 30 April 2009


PowerQuote... Accounting, offset, digital and large format print estimating modules. The offset module features a user friendly interface and flexibility for quick accurate estimates. The digital module’s input windows and production calculations are specifically designed for today’s high speed on-demand digital printing equipment including ink, toner and new technology based equipment. Calculate based on a price grid, cost-per-click- and budgeted hourly rate.

The accounting/enhanced capability module adds scheduling, invoicing, accounts receivable, and accepts job specs over the internet using MyOrderDesk from PagePath Technologies. All systems include email quotes, written quotes, easy tracking of file correction charges, instant recall more...of jobs for reorders, and our unique job SAVe job ticket.

New features since version 12.3.52:

* When loading a job from history, paper price is now verified and if the price has changed you can choose to update.
* Digital booklet now allows estimating printing of booklet "multiple up" .
* User can now define starting quantity and increment on price lists and export price list quantity and price to .csv file for use in Excel or web site lookup table.
* New price analysis report shows sales by press, number of jobs on each press, plates used on each press, billable hours for each press or department and many more estimated/billed job more...components over a specified time period.
* Price analysis information can be exported to a file readable by Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
* Misc charges window has input field for starting number which is available when the numbering misc charge is selected. The starting number is automatically incremented for reorders pulled from job history.
* New Help menu that allows you to easily open the pdf manual, visit the PowerQuote website, or email a question, comment or bug report to PowerQuote.
* Misc charges window has new added misc charge fields that allow input of charge individually for each quantity separately instead of price per thousand.
* Moved "Price Adjust" from misc charges window to Calculation Summary window so you can see the resulting prices instantly.
* Digital price grid- ignore number of originals and base on total copies. For users with the enhanced capabi;ities module:
* The new editable invoice is based on a user editable template similar to the written quote template.
* Post payment now shows list of outstanding invoices for the customer selected. You can choose invoices being paid by just clicking on them.
* Second description line for misc job which will print on the invoice.
* Added a delivery ticket which can be printed directly or on screen using a customizable template.

Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

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Jumat, 27 Maret 2009

Mesothelioma Cancer advertising

Mesothelioma Cancer advertising wizard for Windows.
Mesothelioma Resource is a mesothelioma information website which provides good information on this cancer and other cancers. Mesothelioma is a cancer of the lining of the chest and abdominal cavity.
Peritoneal mesothelioma is that which afflicts the abdominal cavity lining whereas pleural mesothelioma afflicts the chest cavity lining. This form of cancer makes up approximately one-fifth to one-third of the total number of mesothelioma cases diagnosed. More on peritoneal mesothelioma.
Most people with malignant mesothelioma have worked on jobs where they breathed asbestos. Others have been exposed to asbestos in a household environment, often without knowing it. More about the different ways in which people have been exposed to asbestos.
One can get mesothelioma after an exposure to asbestos of as little as one or two months can result in mesothelioma 30 or 40 years later. Mesothelioma cause.
It takes quite a long time from exposure before the disease manifests itself. Hence people who were exposed in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s are now being diagnosed with mesothelioma because of the long latency period of asbestos disease.
Research is being conducted at various cancer centers all over the United States as well as by pharmaceutical companies.
Mesothelioma is a form of cancer and like most cancers, the prognosis for this disease often depends on how early it is diagnosed and how aggressively it is treated. To learn more about mesothelioma, treatment and research, visit mesothelioma resource website.

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Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger is an advertisement-supported instant messaging client and associated protocol provided by Yahoo!. Yahoo! Messenger is provided free of charge and can be downloaded and used with a generic "Yahoo! ID" which also allows access to other Yahoo! services, such as Yahoo! Mail, where users can be automatically notified when they receive new email. Yahoo! also offers PC-PC, PC-Phone and Phone-to-PC service, file transfers, webcam hosting, text messaging service, and chat rooms in various categories.

Yahoo! Messenger was originally launched under the name Yahoo! Pager on 1998-03-09.

In addition to instant messaging features similar to those offered by ICQ, it also offers (on Microsoft Windows) features such as: IMVironments (customizing the look of Instant Message windows, some of which include authorized themes of famous cartoons such as Garfield or Dilbert), address-book integration and Custom Status Messages.[2] It was also the first major IM client to feature BUZZing and music-status. Another recently added feature is customized avatars.

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Senin, 20 Oktober 2008

Searching the net boosts brain activity

Boffins have found that searching the internet can stimulate and improve brain function.

Tests showed that typing searches and clicking on links triggers key centers in the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning.

The researchers from the University of California Los Angeles used a sample of 55-76 year-olds and performed fMRI brain scans on them as they used the web or read a book.

Compared to people who do not go online very often, web-savvy internet surfers registered increased activity in the frontal, temporal and cingulate areas of the brain, apparently that's good.

However you should not use this as an excuse to spend your free time searching for online porn rather than reading Proust - a daily dilemma I know many of you have.
Scientists discovered that during Internet searching, those with a good level of experience sparked 21,782 voxels - the tiniest measurable unit of brain activity - compared with only 8,646 voxels for those with less experience.

Neuroscience Professor Dr. Gary Small said: "The study results are encouraging, that emerging computerized technologies may have physiological effects and potential benefits for middle-aged and older adults.

"A simple, everyday task like searching the Web appears to enhance brain circuitry in older adults, demonstrating that our brains are sensitive and can continue to learn as we grow older."